You are currently viewing Come Dance Like It’s the “Summer of ’69”

Once again, the universe confounds our “Peel The Pumpkin” plans. In 2021, it was COVID. In 2022, it’s the host hotel which has made itself unavailable to us for the full weekend. When will the madness end‽

And so, once again, we will gather at PS3 for a one day event of “friendship set to music” on Saturday Oct 15, 2022. Callers Dayle Hodge and Howard Richman will take us back to that groovy summer of ’69 when, among other things, John and Yoko protested from a bed in Montreal, the Cuyahoga Rive caught on fire (again), the Stonewall Riots erupted, Prince Charles became Duke of Wales, David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” was released, a man landed on the Moon, Charles Manson did some bad things, and of course Woodstock! It was a busy summer.

Come dance with us! Dancing tkes place 10AM-6PM with a lunch break. Doors will open at 9:30am to provide time for those who need to show us their proof of COVID-19 vaccination + 1 booster.

Come parade with us! We will still have a costume parade in the afternoon so dig out those far out frocks, paisley prints, love beads. Flowers in your hair encouraged.

Peace, Love, and Music!