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“I have been a Times Squares member since 2007. Nivia Cruz and Nadine Posner had come to the first two classes of 2006 and encouraged me to come and try out this “new” activity which they thought was great fun physically and mentally challenging and would get us away from the bar stools.

I had to convince the Archangels of the year—Amy Marcus and Chaya Levin—that I was a quick learner as the classes had already started two weeks before. Little did they know how I suffered having missed those first two classes. I did a lot of ad-lib those first two weeks.

Having recently retired then, I found that I missed the socializing and camaraderie that office life offered. Square dancing and the club atmosphere was the perfect antidote.

I was born and raised in upper Manhattan and have lived all my life there within a 40 block radius. Besides square dancing, I also like playing at regular poker, canasta, and mah-jongg games (a Cuban version thereof). Hopefully soon I will also return to the theater, opera, converts, and movies which were a regular part of life before the pandemic.

I am looking forward to starting our regular square dances. I very much miss the dancing and the club members and the many good times and hearty laughs shared with them.”