We hold dances throughout the year and most frequently they are held at P.S. 3 (Public School 3) in the West Village of New York City. However, there are many occasions when we dance in other locations throughout the city. Please check our Dance Calendar to get the most accurate information about the specific dance location.

P.S. 3
490 Hudson Street
New York, NY 10014

Club Nights

Times Squares holds weekly dances on Tuesday nights when classes are not being offered. When the Plus class ends in early Spring the format switches to a Plus workshop. After the Mainstream class ends the whole evening becomes a Club Night.
The format is alternating Mainstream and Plus tips with an A2 and/or C1 star tip if attendance allows. Club Nights continue through the summer and into September, when they are replaced by Open Houses for new dancers and a new season of classes. Summer dances are held in various climate controlled venues, so be sure to refer to the Dance Calendar for exact times and locations.

Combo Dances

Throughout most of the year Times Squares hosts monthly Saturday dances called Combo Dances. The format of the dance is alternating Advanced (A2) and Challenge (C1) tips with a C2 star tip if attendance allows (4:00-6:30 PM),  dinner on your own (6:30-7:30 PM),  followed by alternating Mainstream (MS) and Plus (PS) tips from 7:30-9:30 PM. Combo Dances feature well-known guest callers as well as our own club callers. For detailed information about upcoming Combo Dances, check our events calendar.

Workshop Dances

Times Squares provides Mainstream classes annually. Higher level classes are scheduled in response to demand. During an academic year in which any higher level class is not being offered, a workshop at that level takes its place. These workshops start in late September/early October and run though the spring. Plus Workshops are on Tuesdays and Advanced (A2) and Challenge (C1) Workshops are on Thursdays. Check the events calendar for details.