The International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs is a nondiscriminating organization through which dance clubs can share resources. The Web site includes links to over 50 clubs around the globe.

The Northern New Jersey Square Dance Association promotes square dancing in the Northern New Jersey, downstate New York area.

All Join Hands is a nonprofit foundation that supports the funding of projects that will preserve and promote GLBT square dancing and other associated dance forms.

The Gay Callers Association provides opportunities for training gay/lesbian callers and cuers, and promoting square dance, round dance, and western dance as recreational activities.

CALLERLAB is the International Association of Square Dance Callers. Among other activities, it provides the programs by which our lessons are organized.

Bradley Bell LGBT Square Dance Directory, an affiliate member of IGADSC, provides a way for square dancers and their friends (both old and new) keep in touch.

Taminations offers a website and a mobile app for square dance calls definitions illustrated by animation of the calls. is a comprehensive resource for modern western square dance history, music, and choreography.

CederNet is an online resource that includes a directory of callers and round dance cuers, choreography, events, and other helpful information.

The United Square Dancers of America provides a wealth of information about starting and operating a club and hosting activities.

Barry Lieba’s Call of the Month column first appeared in The Times Squared and discusses various calls and strategies to become a better dancer.

F. Wm. Chickering’s Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Square Dance Behavior was first published in The Times Squared.