Times Squares offers classes for beginners at the Mainstream level,  and more experienced dancers at the Plus, Advanced, and Challenge 1 levels. Mainstream classes are offered annually and higher level classes are offered when sufficient numbers of dancers are ready to progress to the next level.

Mainstream Classes 2023 to Begin

Learn the joys of square dancing in just eight weeks!

Have you been away from square dancing for a while, and need help in getting up to speed?
Do you want to double your floor time by learning the “other” part?
Do you want to help a new generation of dancers master the sport of square dancing?

Times Squares is offering 8 sessions of Mainstream level dancing starting Tuesday, August 1 and running through Tuesday, September 26.
This course is intended for:
All new dancers
Dancers learning a new part
Dancers who haven’t danced in a while and need to re-learn the calls

Join caller Howard Richman, and a team of seasoned dancers, who will assist you in learning all you need to know in mastering square dancing at the Mainstream level.

Class #1 Tue Aug 1 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #2 Tue Aug 8 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #3 Tue Aug 15 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #4 Tue Aug 22 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #5 Tue Aug 29 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #6 Tue Sep 12 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #7 Tue Sep 19 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM
Class #8 Tue Sep 26 | 6:30PM – 9:00PM

PS3, 490 Hudson Street, New York, NY
Admission: $125 for all 8 classes
Pricing for “Angels” to be published soon.

Come for the dancing, stay for the friendships!