Upcoming Events

October 2023

Tuesday October 3

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Mainstream Class #9 | Caller: Howard Richman
P.S. 003 Charrette School, 490 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, USA

Admission: $15

Thursday October 5

6:30 pm – 9:00 pm
Open House & Club Night | Caller: Betsy Gotta
P.S. 003 Charrette School, 490 Hudson St, New York, NY 10014, USA

First hour is reserved for interested folks who want to take a chance on learning to square dance. No experience or partner needed.
Admission FREE
Thenthrough Mainstream, Plus, Advanced programs.
Admission: $15

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Support your club by making a donation of any amount online. Your backing will help us continue to provide lively square dancing activities for the LGBTQ+ community and friends in New York.

Peel the Pumpkin

We’re looking forward to “Walk and Dodge the Plank” at Peel the Pumpkin 2023 at P.S. 3 in New York City, October 27-29.

Just added, optional Sunday morning free walking tour to Little Island, led by club member Paul Sheftman

See the PTP page for more info.

Come dance with us to Betsy Gotta and Michael Kellogg.

Learn the joys of square dancing in just eight weeks!
Have you been away from square dancing for a while, and need help in getting up to speed?
Do you want to double your floor time by learning the “other” part?
Do you want to help a new generation of dancers master the sport of square dancing?

Times Squares is offering 8 sessions of Mainstream level dancing starting Tuesday, August 1 and running through Tuesday, September 26, 6.30pm-9pm. (no class Sept 5th)
See calendar for venue.

This course is intended for:
All new dancers
Dancers learning a new part
Dancers who haven’t danced in a while and need to re-learn the calls

Join caller Howard Richman, and a team of seasoned dancers, who will assist you in learning all you need to know in mastering square dancing at the Mainstream level.

Admission: $125 for all 8 classes
Come for the dancing, stay for the friendships!


Peel the Big Apple IAGSDC Convention 1989

First published as an article in Times Squared (June 2010- titled “Blame It on Mac”) BLAME IT ON RICK A few months ago, while assisting Rick Massi with his research at The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center National History Archive in Greenwich Village for past Times Squares newsletters, we came across among Mac MacCarthy’s collection a…

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Health & Safety Protocols | June 2023 Edition

HEALTH & SAFETY PROTOCOLS (updated 2023 Jun 13) All dancers/guests must sign the COVID-19 liability waiver prior to dancing/interacting with others. The waiver provides contact info for the purposes of contact tracing should it be necessary. Masking is now optional when dancing, and the decision to mask or not is up to the individual. No judgement should…

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Need a Hotel for Peel the Pumpkin?

Are you looking for hotels accommodations for our 2023 fly-in? We have come up with a partial list of hotels you may want to explore. The hotels are centered around 6th, 7th, and 8th Avenues in the 20’s, and all within walking distance of the either the 6th Avenue, 7th Avenue or 8th Avenue subway…

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Featured Articles

Member Profile: George Voorhis

How long have you been a member of Times Squares?  My prom was in 1991, which was the same year as my first IAGSDC Convention “Cast a Shadow in the Sun” at the Hotel Fontainebleu in Miami.  That’s when Security threw the Bathing Beauties out of the pool for wearing one piece bathing suits and…

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Member Profile: Shep Wahnon

How long have you been a member of Times Squares? I was part of the third class of the Times Squares which began in the autumn of 1986. And I graduated from Basic/Mainstream in the spring of 1987at which time I was eligible to join the Club. I have therefore been a member of the…

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Teaching and Learning Theory Applied to Square Dance Instruction

This article originally appeared in The Call Sheet volume12 issue 2 (2018 July-August-September) p.53-70, and is reprinted here with permission of the author. The Call Sheet is the professional journal of the Gay Callers Association. Teaching and Learning Theory Applied to Square Dance InstructionHarlan Kerr – harlankerr46@gmail.com “And I knew if I had the chance,…

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Member Profile: William Carr

How long have you been a member of Times Squares? I have been a member of Times Squares since 2018. Although with the pandemic, it seems ages ago. Why did you join? Who convinced you? I had not even considered square dancing until my friend, Steve Ashkinazy, invited me to an Open House event. After…

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Member Profile: Michael Coan

How long have you been a member of Times Squares? Since 1989 Why did you join? Who convinced you? I was looking to get involved with an activity; I had “lost” my life partner to AIDS. The choices at the time were speed dating, political activism, gay folk dancing or a 12-step group (but since…

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Member Profile: Cindy & Jonathan Uejio

How long have you been a member of Times Squares? C: I took the mainstream class starting fall of 2014 and officially joined the club in 2015.J: Since 2015 Why did you join? Who convinced you? C: My parents took up square dancing in Minnesota and it always looked like so much fun. I first…

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