by Janet Calkins

Many of us Plus Class recent graduates need to have a workshop to smooth out the kinks in our memory of Plus calls!

Just having the callers repeat the calls doesn’t alleviate the frustration of not getting the entire call encased in our memory bank.  It’s necessary for us to really know this level of dancing before we can start the next level of dancing -the A level.

Times Squares if offering us a possibility to do just that!  A Plus workshop is being offered the 5th Thursday of October – the 29th. All Plus level dancers are invited to hone their skills at this workshop.   If enough dancers are interested, other Plus workshops will be offered in the future as well!

“A”  level dancers are also encouraged to attend this workshop to review the Plus calls.

It would make for a much smoother dance tip for everyone to be confident of the calls.  Happy feet make happy faces!!!