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Originally from San Francisco, but having lived here long enough to consider herself “almost a New Yorker,” Marina is an actress and playwright, with more than a few productions to her credit. Her only previous experience square dancing was, like for most of us, as a child in school. She learned about Times Squares through the Internet. Asked what personally brought her to our club, she answered: “I wrote a play called The Swinging Nun. I wanted to do some background research on square dancing, and fell in love with it!” And asked for her response to learning the Mainstream calls, she replied, “I love being able to know more calls and dance longer tips. It was definitely challenging to learn those calls, but so worth the mental effort. I’m looking forward to learning more calls and getting better with the calls I know now.”

Asked if anything about square dancing surprised her, Marina answered, “How much fun I’m having. And what a thorough workout it is. My legs feel it when I’m done, and so does my brain.”

Marina feels welcomed by the extended family that comprises Times Squares, remarking, “That’s the main reason I like it so much. The group welcomed me from the start, and everyone is such a kick to be around. The atmosphere is inviting, people want to help you learn, and no one makes you feel like you can’t do it or are wrong if you goof up. Laughter abounds, which is a a very good and helpful tool for learning. And you don’t mess around, but get started dancing right away, improving every single time you attend.”