Howard does such a great job as an experienced caller it’s hard to think of him just starting out.

Thanks to the continued support of the Times Squares, calling opportunities are beginning to unfold before me! I have joined the NJ Callers’ Association and am now a listed NJ Caller. This has gotten me two bookings so far. Thanks to Chick’s recommendation, (and Peg and Barry’s trust in that recommendation) I found myself calling my first upper level dance outside the gay community! Eight squares were present at the Sind Fun Timers Plus and A-1 dance Friday April 5th. Thanks to Patrick, Sheldon, Mario, Chick, Geo, Jim … friendly faces are always nice! I was so nervous the needle almost missed the record for the first tip. The dancers didn’t quite know what to make of me the first two tips, but by the end of the third hast her were rolling! People started to come up and ask for my calling schedule where I’d be in the coming months. Not wanting to embarrass myself saying “You’re the first outside club who’s booked me” I said I’d be at the NJ Convention and then in Grand Rapids.

Most clubs are not familiar with “all position dancing” and feel awkward even when executing the moves correctly. The Singe Fun Timers are good dancers and after assuring two men that it was alright to be holding hands at the end of an ocean wave. And that I wanted them there (on purpose, too!) the material I was using began to work. To sum up the dance, before the end of the evening they had invited me for two more dances!

On to Grand Rapids to call for the Grand River Squares fly-in! A very small club (two squares almost) Friday evening saw just the locals for an intense workshop for some of the dancers I was the first live caller they’d ever heard (what s shock dancing to my Madonna numbers!) I had been picked up by Patrick at the airport (without a sing out with my name on it as requested though) who played host for the afternoon. I was then dropped off with official host John Chapin where I stayed in beautiful accommodations for the weekend. … I think having a live caller has put some extra enthusiasm in the Grand Rapids club plus my visit got me two invitations to all at upcoming fly-ins. I’m on my way! So exciting!