Square dancing is not a disorder. Even though you might exhibit almost all of the symptoms below.

You Know You’re Hooked When:

You walk into a room and figure out how many squares would fit

Your wardrobe changes to boots, bolos and cowboy hats

You think “Slide-Thru” when walking through a crowd

Your calendar consists of Fly-Ins and Barn Dances

You start listening to Country and Western music

You stop thinking of “Spread” in terms of sex

You change your sex and like it (become BiDansual)

You have a collection of Fly-In tee shirts

You wear out your badge, so it won’t stay on

You’ll go to a straight dance convention (and like it!)

You know who the Honky Tonk Queen is

You start carrying a bandana and a water bottle

You can’t wait until Club Night

Thank you all so much for getting me hooked!


Guy Leighton