After all these years, and we’re still saying “Thank you Betsy!”

Dear Editor:

I had vowed a couple of years ago to stop writing letters to the editor, after my lover almost handed my head to me on a platter for being too quick to criticize. However, this is one letter that I feel must be written, es­pecially by me.

The topic, is Betsy Gotta, and the subject is giving credit where credit is due. Having just completed her Plus class, all I can say is that she is one classy lady! All the way through the class I was constantly amazed at her de­gree of patience and great professional­ism. Not once did I see her lose her composure, or appear irritated. I’m sure many would agree that many times she would have been justified in being less patient.

Week, after week, Betsy Gotta stood up on that stage in front of a wide range of multiple personalities with varying moods and different learning abilities, and demonstrated what the word “professionalism” is all about. Ev­ery student was treated with respect. Her humor was never cruel or at some­one else’s expense. Betsy didn’t stand up on that stage to prove how good she is or to stroke her ego. She stood up there to teach. And, teach she did! The enthusiasm and mastery of the class bears testament to her talent as both a caller and a teacher.

Not once did I hear anyone say any­thing negative about Betsy, which I think is unusual in a diverse group such as ours. Reason? In my opinion there just wasn’t a reason to say anything ex­cept nice things about a great instruc­tor!

I’m sure I speak for the vast major-ity, if not all, of the Plus class when I say, thank you Betsy — you were fabu­lous — just marvelous!

-Richard Bearse