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I’ve been a member of Times Squares since 2007.

Greeley Walker, a longtime neighbor, told me about how much he enjoyed square dancing and that there was a group of gay people doing this regularly in NYC. One evening in Sept of 2006 he brought me to PS3 to try it out, and on the way he said we needed to stop so he could buy some sweet things to share with the other dancers. I thought this was really nice of him, and was totally amazed when we arrived at PS3 and entered the auditorium/gymnasium packed with people and lined with tables against the walls bearing lots of goodies to eat and drink that were brought by other club members. There were probably 8 squares that night. Maybe even more. I was quickly invited to join a group, with friendly reassurance that all I had to do was what I heard the person, Nick Martellacci, on the stage at the front of the room tell us what to do. Within minutes, I was having a wonderful time, and I was hooked by the time we finished the first tip! 

I was born and grew up in NYC, and I feel truly fortunate to still be here! But truth to tell, I have a childlike view of its buildings and neighborhoods, even along avenues and streets that I have been up and down all my life. Maybe it’s my stage in life – several decades worth, we’re talking – that makes me gush (to blush!) about how much I love living here, and especially beginning to explore parts of Brooklyn recently.

And then there are the other humanoids traversing the streets. I never cease to be amazed, and frequently inspired, by the other denizens of this unique place. Bet you never knew that I am – or is it just that I’m becoming? – to be a people-watcher. Maybe it’s the COVID-19 challenging us all that is causing this.

When the NYC public libraries reopened in the beginning of July, I began going to the 42nd St research library where I have begun reading some of the scholarly books and articles published in the history of Near Eastern religions in the last 35 years. This and square dancing are pivotal sources of enjoyment for me.