What’s a “blast” class?

Typically, new dancers need at least 12 weeks of classes for 2 hours each week to learn the basics of square dancing. A “blast” class is an accelerated format where 12 weeks of teaching is compressed into a single weekend of about 12 hours.

How hard is a blast class compared to a regular class?

A blast class isn’t any harder than a regular class, it’s just more consolidated and held at a faster pace. Both classes teach the same calls in the same order.

Blast class sounds pretty intense! Why would I take this instead of a regular class?

Folks here in the Big Apple are typically pretty busy people! The biggest impediment to learning square dancing we hear most often is that the time commitment (12 weeks, 2 hours a week) is too much for people to spend. A blast class happens over three days, Friday through Sunday, and is a more efficient use of time for many people. It’s a lot easier to plan in advance to spend a weekend learning something than to carve out 12 weeks of classes.

What level will I dance when I finish the blast class?

Graduates will dance at the Mainstream level, the first of the internationally-recognized square dance levels.

Will I be a member of Times Squares when I finish the blast class?

You will qualify for full membership in Times Squares for the remainder of the year after you complete the weekend.

Learn square dancing in a single weekend?! That’s such a wacky idea! Where did you come up with this?

We based our program on similar ones taught at other clubs, namely Chi-Town Squares in Chicago, and El Camino Reelers in Silicon Valley. They came up with the concept of using blast classes to bring new dancers into their clubs.

Who’s teaching at this shindig?

A fully qualified square dance caller with instructional experience will be our blast class instructor. He or she will be assisted by experienced dancers, called “angels”, who will pair up with students to help ensure a fun and successful blast class.

I don’t have someone to dance with!

In LGBTQ square dancing, you don’t need to bring a dance partner. Just bring yourself dressed in comfortable clothing, sensible walking shoes, and a smile. We’ll pair you up with angels and other students so you’ll get to dance with different folks in every tip! (A “tip” is a 15 minute dance set.)

But I want to dance with someone specific?!

For purposes of learning, we strongly suggest that students pair up with angels whenever possible. However, please let the instructor know if you really want to dance with the same person repeatedly. We’ll do our best to accommodate your request.

What about food?

We will provide lunch on Saturday, light snacks, water and soft drinks both days.

How should I dress?

There’s no dress code in LGBTQ square dancing. Instead, the key concept to focus on is “comfort”. Dress in loose clothing that allows you to move around easily and comfortably. Wear sensible shoes that are comfortable for standing and walking for long periods. Some folks like to wear especially thick socks for dance classes, to cushion the feet. Jeans and t-shirts are just fine, as are sweats, skirts, shorts, and slacks. Please, no strong fragrances.

How do I register?

Click here to register for this exciting beginning to your square dance adventure!