The way the world socializes and communicates, as well as how we consume media, has changed so much in the past few years that it’s enough to make your head spin, something you all should be very familiar with from the dance floor! And trying to reach new members and expand your circle (or square, as the case may be) requires a mastering of some of the more common applications now used to inform, educate and connect with potential members.

Given the challenges Times Squares faces, from the many other activities in a crowded city to the need to demystify square dancing as a wonderful social activity and exercise that is fun and rewarding, utilizing social media and getting media visibility are going to be critical to your on-going success and growth.

In the past few months, primarily through promotion of last year’s Peel the Pumpkin, we were able to work together to garner media coverage and increase social media outreach on Facebook and Twitter, but we have a lot more work to do. And we need all of the members of Times Squares to help out.

We will be working together to get current members more engaged in outreach and continue to grow social media presence, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other venues that will hopefully expand the reach and membership of Times Squares.

— Cathy Renna
Senior Vice President, Target Cue