A new board of directors was elected at our annual meeting on January 6th. Congratulations to all the new board members and we look forward to a great year. Find out more about them here:

Jim Babcock, President

Although I’ve only been dancing with Times Squares for one year, I’ve been contra dancing for nearly all of the 21st century. I find dancing rewarding, not just for the physical activity, but for the social interactions. I’ve found Times Squares to be a very friendly social group. I wish I had joined sooner!

As a board member, I will bring to my work there my experience with other dance and musical organizations to further the common good of our club. That experience includes being an event organizer for a New England LGBT dance club and a volunteer coordinator for a New York City contra dance series. I also serve on the Times Squares Peel the Pumpkin 2018 committee, where I designed the event’s flyer and t-shirt.

Outside of volunteering and dancing, I work at Columbia University Libraries, keeping the world bibliographically safe as a database and technical services manager in the Science, Engineering, and Social Science Division. I also find time for graphic design projects and genealogical research (ask me about my DNA!). I would appreciate your vote.

Jeff Eisner, Treasurer

I have been square dancing for about five years now. I joined because a friend of mine had already joined. He enjoyed it, and I enjoy it. I dance at the Plus level, and Tuesday night  Plus classes, monthly club dances, and the yearly Peel the Pumpkin fly-in are events I look forward to.

I’ve been an accountant my entire working life, and the club’s treasurer since March 2017. I would like to continue in this capacity. There is more to being treasurer than one might think. It’s not just collecting money at Times Squares’ events, but keeping track of the club’s overall financial picture. Each month at the board meeting I present a brief report on the club’s finances for that month, which includes breaking down the information by category of funds received and funds spent, to help the board make decisions about the club’s current and future needs.

Warren Livesley, Secretary

For three years I served as the secretary of the Times Squares board, and this past year I served as the club’s president. I also continue to be a delegate to the Northern New Jersey Square Dance Association. We are in the process of codifying the procedures for operation of the club so everyone will know how it runs and what will be expected of them when they volunteer to work at different events.

Michael Coan, Member-at-Large

I have always believed in the greatness of of this activity, seeing it as much more than merely learning some movements and moving (hopefully) to the beat of the music and caller. Square dancing embodies much more, and to loosely paraphrase a famous line: [it] has always relied upon the kindness of [not so strange] strangers.

We come to this form of social interaction as relative strangers, but leave each class and dance with a sense of accomplishment. We also develop some great new friendships, and learn that with a bit of instruction and some help from our new dance friends we can have a great time with those friends.

I love the fact that I’m part of this great activity. I’ve served on the Times Squares board for many years now, and wish to continue to serve the club in that capacity as we continue to promote the “greatness” that is square dancing.

Howard Handler, Member-at-Large

I first came to Times Squares two years ago. Over the past two years I have found that not only do I enjoy square dancing but very much but I have been deeply pleased by the warmth and friendship that everyone in Times Squares has shown to me and to other newcomers. I continue to attend almost every single Tuesday and weekend dance. I have also had a great time at several fly-ins.

Recently a member of Times Squares encouraged me to join the board. It never occurred to me until then that the board might need my participation. Since I enjoy Times Squares so much, I would be honored to give back something by joining the board.

Alan Teicher, Member-at-Large

I joined Times Squares in 1987. I previously worked at a job where my co-workers provided a built-in social life, and so after several years I stopped active square dancing, although I remained a member of the club. Now retired, I have more time and have returned to dancing, taking the Advanced class and workshops as they are offered. One of my fondest memories of my earlier time with the club is taking a new class. The dancing mistakes we all made at the time were frustrating, but we looked at them with a sense of humor and laughed at ourselves for making them. It was a tremendous amount of fun. Now, many years later, it’s still a lot of fun, and laughs come from things other than  making mistakes! The club has given me so much, and so much to many others. I look forward to helping Times Squares grow and remain a vital part of all our lives.

Jonathan Uejio, Member-at-Large

I have been coming to Times Squares classes and dances since my wife dragged me to one of its barn dances a little over three years ago. Since then, I’m no longer dragged to classes and events because I’ve discovered just how much I enjoy square dancing. The two of us have been faithful attendees at classes and workshops, have learned the Mainstream, Plus, and Advanced levels (although some people might dispute us having learned Advanced!). I hope to start learning the Challenge level next year.

I’d like to give back something for all the fun we’ve had over the last three years by serving on the board. I’m a lawyer by trade, so I would bring that knowledge to the board. But I think more importantly I’m an enthusiastic dancer who wants to help this club grow and flourish in these tough times.