After some deliberation on the part of the board regarding the Silent Auction, it has been decided that along with offering various fly-in registrations, we will be soliciting baskets for PTP 2015 Foot Loose and Fancy Free. In previous years, the number of and amount of production time required for the PTP baskets has been, to say the least, prodigious. We would like to suggest the following, keeping in mind that the goal we are aiming for is to make it easier, less complicated and, might we add, more discerning. Therefore, we would like to offer the following guidelines and suggestions:

  1. All items to be offered should already be in one basket and/or (moderately attractive) container and wrapped (so the items don’t fall out or “walk” before the drawing) before being brought to the Fly-In. We will not be putting together any miscellaneous/loose items; no wrapping/packaging/rearranging/bow-tying will be done at the fly-in. Simply bring your ready-made basket or viably tempting offering and place it on the table in the large room, 203, at the Hotel when you arrive. We will take it from there (in terms of providing a number and an appropriate bag to collect the tickets of those lucky souls wishing to obtain it).


  1. Not to overly limit the type of basket contents, we would nonetheless like to offer the following suggestions, in terms of ease and desirability – liquor, chocolate in any form, a variety of food (always welcome are those that supermarkets and outlets have already made up), baskets that have an appealing theme, like Tea, after dinner mints and champagne, a 6-pack of something (no, not abdomens), with chips, etc.   and/or simple items that people might enjoy – finely handcrafted objects/knitting/pillows, an array of magnets, nice paper and writing utensils, sealing wax, seals and appropriate stationary (for those who enjoyed Poldark and, perhaps, have a late 18th century mind-set), and, of course, the ubiquitous crowd-pleaser, basic and exotic porn-themed anything. A sack of money, some major rolls of quarters, and/or filthy lucre are always welcome and easily understood crowd-pleasers at any silent auction, and would only require a small container (unless you want to donate enough to fill a punch bowl, then we can talk…). We are trying to avoid the emptying-of-closets-and-shelves look of bygone basket years.


  1. In terms of books, these would be welcome as well, but again, they should have a theme, not be of hernia-creating heaviness and not just the ones that didn’t fit on the shelf anymore. As much as some enjoyed the Dollar book box of yore, we will not be offering one this year. So, to repeat, if it’s not something you would kind of like to have or receive, please don’t bring it. Remember, a basket full of wonderful stuff, is a good way to stock up for the season of re-gifting.



  1. Another suggestion was brought forth, and that would be the concept of a gift certificate for anyone who has a service/business opportunity. For example, if there are any accountants, caterers or masseuses/eurs who might like to donate a “freebie,” that would be welcome as well. With no intention to offend, it would be wise to keep the donations of possible services in the PG 13 range (this rating, of course, does not apply to appropriate adult theme-oriented baskets).


  1. We are not looking for quantity, but rather for quality – we have no numbers in mind, and are not looking to break any previous records. We would like thoughtful, non-stress related, wrapped (preferably in clear plastic or cellophane) baskets that you think someone out there would like. There will be space available, but we would like this year’s silent auction to be fun and un-complicated, with no fuss/no muss/no bother; and, more importantly, to demonstrate and express, in the easiest way possible, the creative talents of our members and friends.


  1. As the baskets arrive, we will be placing a number and bag with it; you may place it on the tables in room 203 at any time after registration opens.   If you anticipate any problems or have questions, please let me know of them at my email address, or, or text me at 1-914-803-2050, and please put “PTP Baskets” in the subject matter so I will know the context of the question.   We will see what we can do. Also, our board member, Ms. Janet Calkin, has offered to supply baskets for those wishing to fill and need one; please contact her directly. She will be the one at club nights with the audio equipment campaign information (and remember that we do have a matching donation up to $250.00 but that is for another write-up).


  1. And, after reading all this, you decide that a basket is not going be a priority, or even a possibility, don’t be dismayed – we, of course, will still want you to come, enjoy, relax, and be prepared to dance your….feet, off.