It’s time to proudly display your BULGING Basket. Remember, this year our club is looking for a sophisticated basket collection. This is not the time to empty your closets of old clothing and used items. This is the year to razzle and dazzle the basket bidders.

Please bring your FABULOUS new items arranged in a basket to Room 203 at the beautiful Hotel Woodbridge at the annual Peel the Pumpkin. Lovely, svelte, “Basket Mavens” will accept your baskets on Friday, 10/16 from 1pm to 5pm, and from 8pm to 10pm, and on Saturday morning from 10am to noon.

Q: But “Basket Mavens” – What if I can’t bring my completed basket to the hotel?
A: If you’re not actually coming to PTP, or if you can’t transport your basket yourself, bring it to Tuesday night class at PS 3 on Tuesday, 10/ 6 or 10/13. We’ll take it from there.

Q: But “Basket Mavens” – What do I do? I have a great collection of new items, but I don’t have a basket to put them in?
A: “Basket Mavens” will accept your new items and will put them into a basket for you!

Q: Cellophane and ribbons too?
A: Of course, that’s what “Basket Mavens” do. Besides, who has cellophane in a NYC apartment?

Q: I’ll bring my bulging basket to the hotel, but I’m not arriving until Saturday.
A: Bring it along. We’ll accept it until noon. If you’re bringing your basket on Saturday, make sure it is completely wrapped and ready for display.

Q: “Basket Mavens” – I have no imagination. Do you have any ideas?
A: Of course – we’re “Basket Mavens”! How about a basket filled with coffee or tea products? Chocolate and Cookies, or Gourmet foods. Liquor is always appreciated (by us anyway). Anyone would love a Bath-sket, filled with lotions, potions, bubble bath and a rubber ducky. How about a dog and/or cat basket filled with new toys and treats? Also if you have a “special” skill, you could offer a service certificate. Perhaps an apartment cleaning, or accounting, or organizing someones closet.

Just be sure to make it nice, make it fun, and don’t show up with a basketcase of a basket! But remember dear reader, our first choice is for you to bring a completed, wrapped, desirable collection to the hotel on Friday.
Come on dancers, be creative and make Times Square’s baskets bulge! Looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor.

With love,
The Basket Mavens