As your Times Squares Basket Mavens, we are humbled by your hard work, imagination and generosity by the gift baskets you brought to the Peel the Pumpkin weekend. The baskets were superb. You make our very difficult job so much easier. While we did work our hands to the bone making dollar store items look like a million, many baskets arrived ready for display. We can’t thank you enough. Thank you Art, Larry and Tom, Chaia, Esther and Richard, Susan, Bruce, Cherry and Carol, Nick, Betsy and dear little Warren. We know we missed many of you, so all those not mentioned please give yourselves a good pat on the back for us. We hope everybody got the basket they wanted. We certainly didn’t, or you’d see all the crumbs from Bruce’s Lemon Square’s all around us. There are so many of you who came together to present a fabulous basket display.

We thought you were all just going to assist us, but we all came together as one and worked harmoniously to the end. For this hard work we would like to bestow on you all the moniker of “Basket Maven.” Yes, Esther, Susan, Tom, and dear little Warren have accomplished the level of “Basket Maven.” Congratulations, and enjoy your year until we all meet again. Until that time – remember Basket Mavens – grab any baskets that come to you.

With loving thankfulness,
Your Original “Basket Mavens”