PETERSBURG FLORIDA FEBRUARY 12 – 15, 2016. It’s Flip the Flamingo IX ‘ ¡Fiesta‘ hosted by the Suncoast Squares over the Valentine’s Day/President’s Day weekend. We were treated to the luxury calling of Chris Phillips and Dayle Hodge on Friday , Saturday and Sunday at the Bayou Dance Club in Pinellas Park. Monday afternoon dancing took place on the beach at Ft. De Soto Park with a fun (new for me) Suncoast’s Club Caller Michael Fox who we enjoyed immensely. The dancing was generally at high level over the course of the weekend, bolstered by the great music played by all three callers.

Monday’s venue was a beachside terrace and in the expansive Pavillion #14, lunch was a no-holds-barred BBQ with home made hamburgers, and hot dogs and all the trimmings of a great grilled feast. In fact, Suncoast Squares provided 5 meals over the 4 days of dancing, all for the modest registration fee (full rate) of $115.

Suncoast Squares is one of the most generous and outgoing club’s I’ve encountered. The Fly In Team was tireless in their attention to detail and enthusiasm. And most of them even found time for dancing – and with smiles too!

The basket raffle was done in a most organized and intelligent way: the tickes were drawn with everyone in the room on Saturday Nite (the Pajama Party) and the winner took the basket right then and ther. Prizes ranged from food baskets to artwork and beautiful stained glass and art pieces by Club Member Wayne.

Flip the Flamingo was in direct conflict with AC/DC, and a Times Squares Combo Dance, all on the same weekend. The decision to go to St. Petersburg rather than DC was based solely on my experience with weather conditions in DC. For the past two years, DC has undergone frigid conditions, and it was no different this year: Winter Storm Olympia rampaged the Mid- and North-Atlantic states making flights back to LGA precarious. But it was lovely to be in Sunny Florida while hearing stories from NYC of 20-below Wind Chill Factors and having a great time dancing too.

Next year’s Flip the Flamingo X will also be on President’s Day weekend. All the information is on their website at

by George Voorhis