AC/DC/PD/VD all in one. That’s Advanced, Challenge, DC, President’s Day & Valentine’s Day all in the same weekend.

DC Lambda’s popular yearly celebration of A2 through C4 Dancing took place February 13 – 15, 2015 at the Fairfax Hotel in Downtown Washington near Dupont Circle. It was a fun-filled weekend and the East Coast’s only IAGSDC Advanced and Challenge Fly-in.

The impressive staff featured Clark Baker (MA), Vic Ceder (CA), Barry Clasper (TO), and Ett McAtee (MD). Dayle Hodge was there, not as a caller, but as a dancer and Club Volunteer, both importantly vital roles for the square dancing community.

We danced on carpeted floor without much ill effect. Attendees included folks from Albuquerque, Toronto, Atlanta, New York and Pennsylvania, and I could count at number of us from the Times Squares (some by association) including: Richard S., Esther S., Mark D., Warren L, Chip P., John B. Norman C., George, Wally R., Mike R., Patrick R., and Geo J.

Some folks danced with parkas and scarves due to the chilly temperature of the ballrooms, and Vic Ceder’s sunny West Coast garb was in stark contrast with the weather outdoors and temperature indoors, where flannel and thermal wear were de rigeur.

The photos show one group who has not missed any ACDC ever, and the other shows them welcoming all the first timers to the event. More information on next years’ ACDC can be found at

Yellowrocks, George V.