Slip and Swing Over to Motiv8ors for Plenty of A2 and C1

Seven members of the Times Squares attended the Motiv8ors dance on January 22, 2017: Art, Dom, Rick, Pauline, Warren, Ernest, and myself. Todd Fellegy called C1 from 6:30-7:30 and A2 from 7:30 to 9:30. There were 3 squares for both C1 and A2. The dances are always on a Sunday evening. I encourage you all to go, as it’s a great time to get that extra C1 or A2 floor time we all need, with very forgiving dancers. And it’s good to dance with an array of callers on a regular basis. Motiv8ors dance by computer squares, and although one can usually find a single to square up with, the “man” who holds the changing computer assignments determines in which square you dance, or whether you sit out. It’s very flexible though, and singles are encouraged as the Club is very accommodating. The Motiv8ors are very good and serious dancers and like to have fun — even during the flubs. It’s a very reasonable admission rate, as a member I paid $10 plus $2 extra for the C1 hour. This Club consistently gets some of the best callers around: Todd Fellegy, Betsy Gotta, Dayle Hodge, and Ken Ritucci to name a few. You’re always welcome to bring a snack for the Hospitality Table, and participate in the 50/50 (5 tickets for $5). Easily accessible by NJ Transit from Pennsylvania Station NYC, the Hawthorne stop is really less than 35 minutes away once you’re on the train. There’s a brief change in Secaucus, and the round trip fare is less than $15, and half that for seniors. We usually make it an excursion, dining at a local restaurant along the way. Usually it’s Julien’s, a reasonably priced Italian place not far from the dance space at St. Clement’s Church – just a 10 minute walk from the train – the veal is delicious and splitting the entree still gives a generous portion. The 4:15 from Penn gets you there with enough time for a leisurely meal and to study your C1 calls on the way. For more information, your hosts Maryjane and Robert would be happy to answer your questions. They’ve done a fantastic job in keeping the Club going. Maryjane’s email is Upcoming events are Jan. 29th & Feb 12th with Betsy Gotta, Feb 19 with Dayle Hodge, and the schedule is already planned out for the year through December 2017. Some upcoming dance dates, map and directions on this link.  We hope to see you there soon!