For the first time in many years a full square of Times Squares dancers traveled to Philadelphia for Independence Squares’ holiday dance, The Glitter Ball. Our members ranged the full gamut from Mainstream to C-1, and no matter what level they danced everyone had a great time. Dayle Hodge was at his peak and did some fancy calling that was fast and fun.

The Philly club has decided offer pot luck dinners only at special events like this one. The food was abundant and there was a vast array of desserts. I tried everything that had even a hint of chocolate. Sharing a meal is such a good way to meet new people and spend quality time with old friends.  Maybe Times Squares should try to reinstitute a pot luck event once or twice a year.

If you want to become a really good dancer, you need to have floor time to perfect your skills. This is one of the best fun ways to improve. As the holidays roll around next year, think about asking one of the dancers who attended this year if you can go with them. I know there was space for more people in the cars that went down last Saturday night. And they still charge only  $10 admission!