Hotel Room Reservation. If you haven’t reserved a hotel room, please do it quickly as rooms at our advertised rate can run out quickly. Also make sure that you let the hotel know that you are reserving as part of the Times Squares’ block of rooms. If attendees do not reserve enough rooms in our block we will be assessed a surcharge.

Volunteers are needed to help the fly-in run smoothly. Help is needed to Set Up at the beginning and Tear Down at the end. Also, we still need people who can spare an hour or two to help with the basket sales and the 50-50 sales.

We’re trying to make the dance experience as enjoyable for everyone as possible, so we’ve created two jobs – Host/Hostess and Caller Liaison. If dancers have any problems when the Registration Desk is unmanned, they can talk to a host or hostess and be directed to the proper person to answer their question. The same is true for the Caller Liaison. This is the person the callers can go to if they have any problems during the fly-in. If all goes as smoothly as planned the hosts and liaisons will have nothing to do. If you’d like to volunteer please send Warren an email at

Call for Baskets. Last year we had an extraordinary display of color and finery, beauty and utility, fun, froth, sentiment and practicality. Now you have another opportunity to build a basket and go over the top with your creativity and imagination.

So, what could you put in your basket? How about:

• Sweets, coffees, chocolates, edible undies, personal items for your nightstand drawer, visual distractions for your television? 

• Books, a magazine subscription, crossword puzzles, games, DVDs? 

• A set of teacups, a teapot, perhaps some tea and cookies? 

• Gift certificates, coupons for services (foot rubs, dog walking, cat sitting, window washing, personal shopping, a Get Out of Jail Free card), theatre tickets? 

• Autographed memorabilia like a signed baseball or cap from one of the World Series? 

• Specialty beers, red wine, white wine, single malt scotch, Dom Perignon or maybe just a six pack of Coors? 

• Picture frames, artwork, photography, or a 2018 wall calendar?

Think of what you would like to find in your basket or what a friend would like, and put it all together! And go ahead – add the frills, the beads, the spangles, the glitter, ribbon, lace, bells, bows, dangles and sashes you want! Go for it – go wild!

As always, the thoughtfulness of those who donate their time, energy and money in creating baskets for Peel the Pumpkin is truly appreciated. The money raised is significant and offsets the expenses for the dance space, callers’ fees, and so much more. 


T-Shirt Display. Over the year’s our club has printed some amazing T-shirts. During the fly-in this year we are planning to display as many of them as we can. We already have some from all the way back to the IAGSDC Convention hosted in New York City in 1984! If you never throw anything away, and have one you can loan us, please snap a picture of it and send it to Warren  at and he’ll get back to you. Thanks for loaning Times Squares the shirt off your back!