You are currently viewing Jeopardy! Times Squares/ IAGSDC Edition

As a prelude to the “Take A Peak : Home Edition” convention that begins this week, let’s test your knowledge of Times Squares and IAGSDC history through this time-honored trivia game. Similar to the television show, there will be three rounds – Jeopardy!, Double Jeopardy! and Final Jeopardy!

Kudos to Bob Bauer (Alex Tresbon) and Ping DiBella (Art Flaming) for providing the inspiration, the clues/answers, and acting as hosts. Jim Babcock (Sapphire Cochon) will operate the board. We hope this will take but one hour. Minimal chatter following the answer reveals will help achieve this. After the game is finished, we will have time to reminisce more about our favorite convention memories.

Join us at 6:30pm on our Zoom meeting

Some house rules:

  • Folks who want to play should start to arrive at 6:30pm to be assigned to a team. Team assignments will be made as people join the Zoom meeting.
  • The game begins at 6:45pm sharp. Late arrivals will be welcome to watch, but not answer.
  • Any team member can submit an answer. The first correct answer will be accepted, points awarded to that person’s team, and the team member who answered correctly will choose the next clue. Points will not be deducted for incorrect answers during the Jeopardy and Double Jeopardy rounds, except for Daily Doubles.
  • Answers must be submitted in the form of a question through the chat function. Verbal answers will not be accepted and will result in loss of points for the team of the person who speaks out of turn. 
  • The board will be played out to completion in each round.
  • Daily Doubles will simply be worth double the value posted. No wagering here.
  • After the Jeopardy round, there will be a five minute break while the Double Jeopardy round is set up. The game will resume promptly after five minutes. 
  • After the Double Jeopardy round, there will be another five minute break. During this break, teams will be sent to breakout rooms to make their wagers and choose one person to represent the team in Final Jeopardy. The game will resume promptly after five minutes.
  • When teams return to the main room, each designated player will send their wagers to Jim via private chat.The Final Jeopardy clue will then be revealed, and each designated player will submit their answers to Jim via private chat.
  • Decisions of the hosts are final.